Institute has carried out surveys in various agroclimatic zones of Himachal Pradesh (HP) for inventorization of  economically important plants and  ground truthing for generating species specific maps.  The distribution maps of Podophyllum heterophyllum, Artemisia maritime, Thymus linearis and other important species are available. The species distribution map of zone IV of HP comprising of  3 distircts (Kinnaur, Lahul & Spiti and Chamba-Pangi valley) has been completed and studies  are underway to generate similar maps for the other zones. (more

Using IRS 1 D LiSS III satellite image, forest density stratification was done for Kangra district of HP (more A land use/land cover map of Kangra district was prepared yielding information on the status of land utilization of the district. Mapping of Solang Nala  in Kullu district (HP), which is being promoted as an important tourist destination has been completed.   Map showing distribution of bamboo in Kangra, Hamirpur and Una districts of HP has been prepared. It shows that an area of 6039.76 acres are covered by Dendrocalamus strictus, D. hamiltonii, Bambusa arundinaceae, B. nutans, Sinarundinaria falca and Thamnocalamus spathifolia. Also, apple orchards of cold desert area in Spiti valley of HP were mapped using IRS 1D LISS III satellite image III. The existence of such orchards in dry alpine condition is unique. Major LSEs types of Pangi valley (H.P) has been mapped. Further, spectral library of plants of the western Himalayan region is also being developed.

Ethnobotanical information on important medicinal plants and those used by native tribes of the region are also documented.

Following databases have been developed and information can be made available on request.