In the area of virology, extensive work has been carried out regarding identification, genome organization, phylogenetic relationship, virus vector relationship, diagnostic development and production of virus free plants (see publications). Further, work has also been carried out on protein-protein interaction in case of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus, Carnation mottle virus, Chrysanthemum virus B, etc. Diagnostic kits are available for detection of CarMV, CERV, TAV, etc. Under a National Bioresource Development Board funded project, surveys have been carried out to collect information on viruses from Himalayan Bioresources. Presently work is being planned for diagnostic development of pome and stone fruit viruses, determination of their gene diversity, development of VIGS vectors, RNA interference studies for control of plant viruses, virus gene prospecting, development of biosensors for diagnostics and promoter studies from plant viruses



Proceedings of The International Conference on Viruses of Ornamentals and Temperate Fruit Crops (17-18 December, 2007) at IHBT Palampur