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IHBT is constantly striving to generate new knowledge to fulfill its mission of sustainablemanagement of Bioresources in the himalayan region by adoptinga multidisciplinary approach in R & D activities. The Institute has five Divisions engaged in research of high scientific impact

Engaged in research in three major areas, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Molecular Biology, and Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Plant tissue culture aims at micropropagation of economically important plants like tea, bamboo, rose, ornamentals, and medicinal plants. Plant molecular biology focusses on DNA- fingerprinting, identifying cloning of genes, developing transgenics, etc. Plant Physiology emphasises basic aspects of plant adaptations at high altitude, basis of dormancy, seed biology, and senescence in tea and ornamentals.




Natural Product Chemistry and Process Development

The plant tissue culture lab of the unit has a modern culture room with automated shakers, microscopes with CCD, an exclusive area for washing & media preparation, a series of greenhouses / polyhouses for hardening of tissue culture raised plants, a biolistic gun and containment facility for undertaking studies on transgenics and a bioreactor (10 ltr ) for carrying out studies on secondary metabolites. The Plant physiology and seed biology lab has a cryogenic facility.

The Plant molecular biology lab is well equipped to work on genomics and proteomics. The unit has PCRs, gel document systems, 2-D electrophoresis system, manual & automatic sequencer, phosphoimager, high end equipments like QToF, Spot cutter and Spot digester. It has a cold room and an exclusive zone for radioisotopic works. The Bioinformatics facility with high end server and softwares strongly support the research work.

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