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Business Overview

CSIR-IHBT is committed towards development and transfer of knowledge. The Business development and marketing unit of the institute facilitates the techno-commercial negotiations, and manages contracts and IPR issues. IHBT pays special attention to customer’s needs and satisfaction and offers services by way of contract R & D projects, consultancy, R & D facilities, and trainings. It maintains strict confidentiality with respect to data received from the customers and guarantees data protection under confidentiality agreement. IHBT also monitors levels of satisfaction of its clients through customer’s satisfaction evaluation form. IHBT also provides licenses for the technologies developed by the Institute.

CSIR- IHBT also offers consultancy services for:
  • Setting up of Tissue Culture units
  • Establishment of low cost Acclimatization units
  • Plantation and processing of Medicinal and Aromatic plants
  • Setting up of Floriculture units
  • Establishment of low cost Green House
  • Preparation of Feasibility reports

 EOI for Hiring of consultants 

Contact Info:

Dr. Ram Kumar Sharma
Business Development & Marketing Unit
CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology
Post Box No. 6, Palampur-176061 (HP) India
Tel.-+91-1894-233339 Ext. 358

In case of any complaint please contact:

CSIR - Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology
Post Box No. 6, Palampur-176061 (HP) India
Tel. +91-1894 -230411
Fax: +91-1894 -230433