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A novel isozyme of autoclavable superoxide dismutase (SOD)- a process for the identification and extraction of the SOD and use of the said SOD in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical compositions.

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Species specific DNA sequences and their utilization in identification of Viola species and authentication by PCR reaction.

Species specific genomic DNA sequence for identification of Anacardium occidantale and the method for its utilization in detection of cashew husk in made tea samples

An improved method for mass propagation of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle using embryo culture technique.

A method for inducing improved seed germination in a high altitude medicinal and endangered plant Podophyllum hexandrum Royle.

Gel processing and transfer device


Cloning of novel genes expressed in the apical buds of Caragana (Caragana jubata) growing under snow

Cloning of novel gene sequences expressed and repressed during winter dormancy in the apical buds of tea (Camellia sinensis L. (O.) Kuntze) bush

A universal plasmid vector for transforming chloroplasts of higher plants

A culture vessel for rooting of microshoots

A convenient and versatile, compact portable light weight, low power consuming sterile laminar air flow system

An efficient one step method for micro-production of tea leaves

A process for production of herbal wine (Palam Belle) from ripe fruits of Pyrus pashia

An efficient new method for protoplast culture

Tea leaf extract as a potent bactericidal agent for Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated genetic transformations


Cloning of 3 novel genes modulated under drought stress conditions in tea (Camellia sinensis L. (O.) Kuntze)

Substitute of acetosyringone-A thermolabile caffeine fraction of tea leaves

A method for biolistic mediated genetic transformation of tea (Camellia sinensis L. (O.) Kuntze) using leaf explants

Development of diagnostic kit for the Bean yellow mosaic virus

A process for developing diagnostic kit for detection of Bean yellow mosaic virus in commercial crop

An improved method of tea propagation

An improved process for manufacture of tea

An improved acclimatization unit

Identification of anti-viral activity of Tagetes minuta oil and its components.

Microwave assisted rapid and economical process for the preparation of substituted phenylaldehydes from trans- and cis-phenylpropenes: A commercial utilisation of toxic cis-isomer

One step process for the preparation of substituted trans-cinnamaldehyde, a natural yellow dye, from phenylpropane derivatives

A novel method for converting dihydrotagetone into a coconut flavoured compound 5-isobutyl-3-methyl-4,5-dihydro-2(3H)-furanone with two chiral centres: An analogue of natural whisky lactone and of coconut aldehyde


The introduction of dihydrotagetone (3,7-dimethyl, 5-one, 1-octene) present in Tagetes minuta essential oil as perfumery and flavour material and chemical modification of dihydrotagetone into new value added perfumery and flavouring molecules

A simple, convenient portable Mini distillation apparatus for the production of essential oils.

Chemical modification of carcinogenic compound ß-asrone of Acorus calamus into 1-propyl-2,4,5-aroma molecule & starting material for salicylamide based antipsychotic drug.

A device useful for the distillation of essential oils and a process thereof

A process for production of steviosides from Stevia rebudiana Bertoni

A simplified process for purification of aescin from Indian horse chestnut (Aesculus indica)

Aescin: a new antiviral agent from Indian horse chestnut (Aesculus indica)

Essential oil from cold desert plant for high value perfumery compounds

DDQ mediated one step dimerisation of dihydro product of toxic beta-asarone rich Acorus calamus oil towards formation of novel neolignan: 3-ethyl-2-methyl-3-(2",4",5"-trimethoxy)-phenyl-1-(2',4',5'-trimethoxy)-phenyl-1-propene

Microwave induced process for the preparation of vinyl phenol and related styrenes

A simplified process for purification of kutkin from Picrorhiza kurroa

A jacket attachment for carrying portable skiffing and shoot harvesting machines

A Field Convenient Jacketed Leaf Inactivator for Green Tea Processing

A mobile tea shoot preconditioning device for withering during black tea manufacture

Gladiolus hybrids- Palampur Pride, Palampur delight, Palampur princesses, Cute Munni, Tusharmouli, Anurag, Grace, The Saint, Brick Beauty and Palampur queen

Essential oil with citronellol and rose oxides from Dracocephalum heterophyllum benth and a process thereof

Development of diagnostic kit against recombinent coat protein gene for the detection of Carnation Mottle virus

Development of diagnostic kit for the detection for the detection of chrysanthemum virus B

Development of diagnostic kit against the recombinent coat protein of prunus necrotic ringspot virus

Species specific DNA sequences and their utilization in identification of viola species and authentication of "banafsha" by polymerase chain reaction

Development of diagnostic kit recombinant coat protein for the detection of carnation etched ring virus

Development of a ELISA based diagnostic kit against recombinant coat protein gene of tomato aspermy cocumovirus (TAV)

A microwave induced process for the chemoselective reduction of olefinic bond of alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl compounds

Use of 2-Amino glutarimide in promoting Agrobacterium tumefaciene

A green process for the preparation of substituted cinnamic esters with trans selectivity

A method for rapid isolation of RNA and a kit thereof

A process for the development of highly efficient solid state matrix for immobilizing tea polyphenol oxidase enzyme for continuous batch production and total conversion of tea substrates to theaflavins

Superoxide dismutase gene from potentilla atrosanguinea and its expression in hetrologous system

A process for isolation of vanillin and other phenolic compounds in vanilla planifolia

A simple and eco-friendly process for the production of highly enriched tea polyphenols free from amino acid, soluble sugars, purine alkaloids and lipids


Process for preparation 5-isobutyl-3-methyl-4,5-dihydro-2(3H)-furanone from dihydrotagetone and its use as a flavouring agent

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) gene and a method of identifying and cloning thereof

Microwave induced one pot process for the preparation of arylethenes

Process for development of value added fragrances from Curcuma aromatica essential oil

Method for detecting fungal pathogens

A method for cloning functional gene of copper/zinc superoxide dismutases using oligonucleotide primers

One pot multicomponent synthesis of hydroxy stilbene derivatives under microwave irradiation

A green process for preparation of phenolic rich crystalline natural colors from plant extracts

Microwave induced single step green synthesis of some novel 2-aryl aldehydes and their analogues

2, 6-dimethyl-4-oxo-heptanoic acid

A composition and method for removal of colours and inhibitors from tissues to isolate RNA

A field convenient jacketed leaf inactivator for green tea processing



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