Genomics, Proteomics & Metabolomics

Plants are valued for their unique active constituents having wide applications in industries like pharmaceutical & drug; food & flavour; perfumery; colours & dyes etc. Though a lot of information is available on medicinal and related properties of plants but information is scanty on the metabolism (synthesis and regulation ) of the active constituents. The state of the art facilities in the area of genomics and proteomics enables the Institute to carry out work in understanding the regulation of important biosynthetic pathways of the targeted plants and in identification, characterization and cloning of genes for metabolic engineering. Some of the work done by the institute are illustrated.

The production of red colour is characteristic of Arnebia euchroma and after toiling hard, Institutehas cloned genes involved in shikonin biosynthesis. Similarly, several genes involved in stevioside biosynthesis have been identified and cloned from Stevia rebudiana.. Further,  work has been initiated on cloning of genes involved in picroside biosynthesis. Commendable work has been done in tea, for the first time  ten full length genes involved in catechin biosynthesis has been cloned. The functional analysis of these genes are underway. Also, polyphenol oxidase gene has been cloned and its expression is being analysed. Institute has also identified and cloned several important genes from Himalayan flora.