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IHBT is constantly striving to generate new knowledge to fulfill its mission of sustainablemanagement of Bioresources in the himalayan region by adoptinga multidisciplinary approach in R & D activities. The Institute has five Divisions engaged in research of high scientific impact

Department is engaged in:

Characterization of Novel Molecules- Chemical characterization of medicinally important plants using chromatographic techniques and their chemical structure elucidation by NMR, (1H, 13C, 2D experiments), HRMS, UV and IR; Assessing seasonal and altitudinal variation in the secondary metabolites using analytical techniques; in-vitro or in-vivo evaluation of isolated molecules/extracts for anticancer, antidiabetic, antinflammatory, antimicrobial and insecticidal properties.

Chemical synthesis- solid supported nano-catalyst; green processes/reagents and phthalimide based organo-catalysis to provide cost effective; atom-economic and environment friendly methods for organic transformations; improvement of most popular Heck and Suzuki cross coupling reactions for carbon-carbon bond formation; reduction of nitroarenes, carbonyls and heterocycles synthesis in catalytic manner; value addition of abundantly available molecules synthetic modifications.

Designing of herbal processing units and distillation units for extraction of essential oils




The unit has a 12ha area for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. A 10Q, 4Q and 15 kg capacity distillation unit for processing of aromatics. An exclusive 50 kg capacity unit for processing medicinal plants. A series of polyhouses for cultivation of important endangered high altitude medicinal & aromatic plants. The natural chemistry lab is equipped with NMR, HPLCs, GC-MS, rotavapour, sonicator, microwave synthesizer for undertaking studies on chemotypes, chemical characterization and process development for natural colours and dyes. A bioreactor (10L) for undertaking studies on bio-transformations. For development of products, facilities like industrial rotavapour (50 Q capacity), spray dryer, filter press, solvent extraction unit, water purification unit and ion exchange columns exist.

Natural Plant Product

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