Technical Staff

SNo Name Designation
1 Sh. Mukhtiar Singh  Principal Technical Officer 
2 Sh. Om Prakash  Sr. Technical Officer(3) 
3 Sh. R.S. Shekhawat  Sr. Technical Officer(3) 
4 Dr. Sukhjinder Singh  Sr. Technical Officer(2) 
5 Dr. Robin Joshi  Sr. Technical Officer(2) 
6 Dr. Kiran Devi  Sr. Technical Officer(2) 
7 Dr. Avnesh Kumari  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
8 Sh. Vikrant Gautam  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
9 Sh. Jai Prakash Dwivedi  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
10 Sh. Ramdeen Prasad  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
11 Sh. J.S. Bisht  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
12 Dr. Kiran Saini  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
13 Sh. Shiv Kumar  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
14 Dr. Rajneesh  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
15 Sh. Rakesh Kumar  Asstt. Executive Engineer (Civil) 
16 Sh. Anil Kumar  Asstt. Executive Engineer (Civil) 
17 Dr. Pankaj Markand Kulurkar  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
18 Sh. Bijan Bihari Garnayak  Sr. Technical Officer(1) 
19 Sh. Vivesh Sood  Technical Officer 
20 Sh. Mahesh S.  Technical Officer 
21 Sh. Mohit Kumar Swarnkar  Technical Officer 
22 Sh. Ramjeelal Meena  Technical Officer 
23 Sh. Jasbeer Singh  Technical Officer 
24 Sh. Mukesh Gautam  Technical Officer 
25 Sh. Om Parkash  Technical Officer 
26 Mrs. Vijay Lata Pathania  Technical Officer 
27 Sh. Pabitra Gain  Technical Officer 
28 Ms. Meenakshi  Technical Assistant 
29 Sh. Arvind Kumar Verma  Technical Assistant 
30 Sh. Dharmesh Kumar  Technical Assistant 
31 Sh. Anil Chaudhary  Technical Assistant 
32 Sh. Pawan Kumar  Technical Assistant 
33 Mrs. Rimpy Dhiman  Technical Assistant 
34 Mr. Virat Abhishek  Technical Assistant 
35 Sh. Saurabh Sharma  Technical Assistant 
36 Sh. Aman Kumar  Technical Assistant 
37 Sh. V.S. Dhadwal  Sr. Technician(2) 
38 Sh. Dhruv Kumar  Sr. Technician(2) 
39 Sh. Ajay Parmar  Sr. Technician(2) 
40 Sh. Karandeep  Sr. Technician(2) 
41 Sh. Ramesh Kumar  Sr. Technician(1) 
42 Sh. Kuldip Singh  Sr. Technician(1) 
43 Sh. Parveen Kumar  Sr. Technician(1) 
44 Sh. Sanjay Kumar  Technician(2) 
45 Sh. Avinash C. Rana  Technician(2) 
46 Sh. Sandeep Sood  Technician(2) 
47 Sh. Ranjeet Singh  Technician(2) 
48 Sh. Ajay Kumar  Technician(2) 
49 Sh. Surjit Singh  Technician(1) 
50 Sh. Arvind Kant  Technician(1) 
51 Sh. Vikas Kumar  Technician(1) 
52 Mrs. Jasveer Kaur  Technician(1) 
53 Sh. Amar Singh  Lab Assistant 
54 Sh. Baldev Singh  Lab Attendant(2) 
55 Ms Anupama Saini  Lab Attendant(2) 
56 Sh. Shamsher Singh  Lab Attendant(2) 
57 Mrs. Rajni Devi Chettri  Lab Attendant(2) 
58 Sh. Uttam Chand  Lab Attendant(2) 
59 Sh. Balak Ram  Lab Attendant(2) 
60 Sh. Rakesh Chand  Lab Attendant(2) 
61 Sh. Girja Nand  Lab Attendant(1) 
62 Sh. Deepak Sood  Lab Attendant(1) 
63 Sh. Kuldeep Singh  Lab Attendant(1) 
64 Sh. Balwant Raj  Lab Attendant(1) 


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