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(i) Development of value added products from aromatics and herbals

India is gifted with 8000 medicinal and 1200-2500 aromatic plants. They have been extensively used for the preparation of drugs in various systems of medicine, herbal cosmetics and functional foods. Further, essential oils from aromatic plants have also been extensively used in flavour, fragrance, cosmetics industries and in aromatherapy. The main focus of our laboratory is to develop value added products from medicinal and aromatic plants utilizing pharmaceutical technology (formulations) to produce commercially marketable products.

(ii) Development of nutraceutical formulations for improvement of bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy

The consumption of dietary phytochemicals is consistently linked with protection from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. However, these phytochemicals have major therapeutic limitations because of their low aqueous solubility, low permeability, short half-life and low bioavailability to humans. These limitations can be overcome by advanced pharmaceutical technologies. The current theme of our laboratory is to utilize self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS), solid dispersions, nano-emulsions and polymeric particles based approaches to enhance the bioavailability as well as therapeutic efficacy of nutraceuticals.

International Awards

CEFIPRA-ESONN fellowship for participation in “European School on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies” on 28th August – 17th September, 2016 held at Grenoble, France.

PSE Travel Bursary for participation in “Natural Products in Health, Agro Food and Cosmetics” meeting from June 28th – July 1st, 2017 held at Lille, France.

Bioencapsulation Research Grant for participation in “25th International Conference on Bioencapsulation” on 3-6 July, 2017 held at Nantes, France.

Lapervenchelif award for participation in “The 5th AFERP International Conference "Pharmacognosy from Here and There" from July 17th to 19th 2017 held at Angers, France.

 FAPESP grant for attending "São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Reverse Engineering of Processed Foods” from September 25th – October 4th, 2017 held at at UNICAMP, Brazil.

DST-SERB International Travel Support for participation in “19th OXFORD ICSB, USA” on 8th April – 11th April, 2019 held at Oxford, Mississippi, USA.


Qualified All India G.P.A.T. [Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test] 2010, 2012, G.A.T.E. [Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering] 2012, 2016 Life Science (XL). (AIR: 303, GATE XL: 2016)

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* Corresponding Author

Book Chapters

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Books Edited:

Saneja A, Panda AK, Lichtfouse E, Pharmaceutical Technology for Natural Products Delivery 1. Fundamentals and Applications, in series Sustainable Agriculture Reviews (SPRINGER NATURE, Switzerland) [ISBN: 978-3-030-41837-3]

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 PhD Fellow:
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Dhritlahre, JRF (UGC)
Ms. Ruchika, JRF (CSIR)

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