Developing L-Asparaginase with Low Glutaminase Activity for Therapeutic Applications (Fast Track Translational Project supported by CSIR)

Project Investigator: - Dr. Dharam Singh

L-Asparaginase is well known for its chemotherapeutic properties. It catalyzes the hydrolysis of amino acid asparagine into aspartate and ammonia, essentially required for the growth of the tumour cells. It has been effectively used in treatment of different types of cancers. At present, only 3 main preparations of asparaginase are used in treatment protocols (E. coli asparaginase, its PEGylated form and Erwinia asparaginase) but still issues concerning immunogenic and several associated side effects remains. 

 CSIR-IHBT has identified a novel and an efficient Asparaginase enzyme from Himalayan microbial source which has wide temperature functionality, stability, high specificity, and no glutaminase activity. This enzyme is highly cytotoxic towards variouspancreatic and blood cancer cell lines. Preclinical testing is underway for therapeutic applications. The enzyme has huge applications in health care sector and food processing industries.

Process for substituted cyclohexane-1-3-diones synthesis ((Fast Track Translational Project supported by CSIR)

Project Investigator- Dr. Pralay Das

The cyclohexane-1,3-dione derivatives are important intermediates for several bioactive  molecules synthesis. The cyclohexane-1,3-dione is a basic unit present in triketones such as mesotrione having herbicidal activity. Due to high cost of cyclohexane-1,3-dions as a base material, the cost of final products of herbicides are very high and  difficult for farmers  to afford.

 Through process innovation, CSIR-IHBT has developed a simple cost effective method for preparation of substituted cyclohexane-1-3-diones. Efforts are underway for its upscaled production. Apart from herbicides, this molecule has application as a potent drug against Tyrosinemia type-I metabolic disorder disease. Looking into the commercial implications a Patent has been filed for the invention.