Sno Tender No. Description Date of Submission Date of Opening Download
1 4/5(443)21-Pur Minutes of Pre-Bid Conference held on 07.09.2021 at 2.30PM for the Purchase of Real Time PCR Systems (e-tender No. 2021_CSIR_86192_1) 2021-09-27 2021-09-28
2 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(450)21-Pur Open Tender for Good Quality Planting material (Gladiolus corms, Carnation rooted cuttings, Gerbera (etc.) 2021-10-06 2021-10-07
3 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(449)21-Pur Open Tender for Procurement of Good Quality Asiatic Lilium bulbs, Oriential Lilium bulbs, Lilium bulbs (un-programmed) and Tulip bulbs 2021-10-06 2021-10-07
4 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(448)21-Pur Open Tender for Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) 2021-09-27 2021-09-28
5 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(447)21-Pur Open Tender for Nursery and Propagation Unit 2021-09-23 2021-09-24
6 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(446)21-Pur Open Tender for Automatic Seeder Machine 2021-09-23 2021-09-24
7 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(439)21-Pur Minutes of Pre-Bid Conference held on 25.08.2021 for the Purchase of Differential Scanning Calorimenter 2021-09-13 2021-09-14
8 Notice Inviting Tender (5-227/Ws/20) C/o Construction of Drying Shed and Storage Godown in Charak Government Ayurvedica Pharmacy Paprola 2021-09-02 2021-09-03
9 Notice Inviting Tender (5-249/Ws/21) Clo lnternal Painting & White Washing of Hostel & Guest Houses including other upgradation and Rennovation work in Hostel Building 2021-09-02 2021-09-03
10 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(443)21-Pur Open Tender for supply and installation of Real Tme PCR System 2021-09-27 2021-09-28
11 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(429)21-Pur/III Global Tender for Monk Fruit Market Sweeteners 2021-09-16 2021-09-17
12 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(429)21-Pur/II Global Tender for Monk Fruit Standards 2021-09-16 2021-09-17
13 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(429)21-Pur/I Global Tender for Whole Monk Fruit Pieces 2021-09-16 2021-09-17
14 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(419)20-Pur Global Tender for Chlorophyll Fluorometer 2021-09-23 2021-09-24
15 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(437)21-Pur Minutes of Pre-Bid Conference held on 17.08.2021 for the Purchase of Preparative HPLC System 2021-09-06 2021-09-07
16 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(442)21-Pur Open Tender for colorimeter 2021-09-16 2021-09-17
17 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(441)21-Pur Open Tender for Microwave-Assisted Essential Oil and Natural Products Extraction System 2021-09-16 2021-09-17
18 Notice Inviting Tender (5-244/Ws/2021) C/o Dispensary in CSIR-IHBT, Palampur (Electrical Work) 2021-09-03 2021-09-06
19 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(439)21-Pur Supply and Installation of Differential Scanning Calorimeter 2021-09-13 2021-09-14
20 Notice Inviting Tender 4/5(437)21-Pur Supply and Installation of Preparative HPLC System 2021-09-06 2021-09-07

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