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Anticancer Activities

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Anti-inflammatory Activities



1.Chemical Composition and In vitro Cytotoxicity of Essential Oils from Leaves and Flowers of Callistemon citrinus from Western Himalayas. Dharmesh Kumar, Mahesh Sukapaka, G.D. Kiran Babu and Yogendra Padwad. Plos One (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0133823)

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Dr. Rohit Sharma, DST Fast Track Young Scientist

Dr. Rajneesh, Technical Officer

Mr. Mahesh S, Technical Officer

Mr. Dharmesh Kumar, Technical Assistant

Ms. Kiran Rawat, Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Shiv Kumar, Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Saurabh Soni, Senior Research Fellow

Ms. Kajal Sinha, Junior Research Fellow

Ms. Anamika Sharma, Project Assistant

Mr. Navneet, Lab Attendent

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